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The Luma AI Video Generator playground.

Luma has released Dream Machine, The Luma AI Video Generator, an AI model designed to create high-quality, and fantastical videos from text instructions and images.

Create better Luma AI videos using Luma AI Video Generator. Generative visuals for everyone. By AI artists everywhere.

Luma AI Videos


Luma AI Video Generator Feature

Luma AI Video Generator is an AI model that generates high-quality, realistic videos from text and images

Fast Video Generation

It can generate 120 frames (5 seconds of video) in just 120 seconds, allowing for rapid iteration and exploration of ideas

Realistic Motion and Cinematography

The videos feature smooth motion, cinematic camera movements, and dramatic elements, bringing lifeless images to life and turning snapshots into stories

Physical Accuracy and Consistency

Dream Machine understands how people, animals, and objects interact with the physical world, enabling the creation of videos with accurate physics and consistent character behavior

Diverse Camera Movements

It offers a wide range of fluid, cinematic, and naturalistic camera motions that match the emotion and content of the scene

Scalable and Efficient

Dream Machine is a highly scalable and efficient transformer model trained directly on videos, making it capable of generating physically accurate and eventful shots

Luma AI Video Generator API

There is no official Luma AI Video API yet, but there are many shell APIs available

Frequently asked questions

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    • What is the Luma AI Video Generator?

      The Luma AI Video Generator is a text to video AI generation model developed by Luma AI. It can quickly generate high-quality and realistic video clips based on user input text descriptions.

    • How does Luma AI Video Generator work?

      Luma AI Video Generator use sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models to transform text descriptions into luma ai videos

    • Can the videos generated by Luma AI be commercialized for use?

      Yes, but free users cannot be commercialized, while paying users can be commercialized

    • What are the characteristics of luma ai videos?

      Fast generation(120 seconds), Realistic movements and photography, Physical accuracy and consistency, Scalable and efficient

    • Is Luma AI Video Generator free to use?

      Of course, it is completely free and does not require login

    • Is the usage of the Luma AI Video Generator free?

      Yes, but there is free quota, which defaults to 30 free quota per month

    • How long does Luma AI Video Generator take to generate Videos?

      Fast generation, capable of generating 120 frames (5-second video) of video within 120 seconds

    • Can luma ai video Generator turn my any text into video?

      Sure, but the video description must be meaningful and not illegal

    • What are the advantages of luma ai video Generator?

      Free for users and fast generation time

    • How much does Luma AI Pro cost?

      Pricing details: Luma is a free platform that everyone can use. Free users may queue up when generating videos, while paying users can subscribe to Luma AI services on a monthly or annual basis without queuing up

    • Can I download the videos generated by luma ai video generator?

      Of course, you can download it as you please.

    • What is the relationship between this website and the official website of Luma AI?

      We have no connection to the official website of Luma AI, not an affiliated website

    • How to use Luma AI Video Generator?

      You can visit the official website of Luma AI Video Generator or this website to access Luma AI Video Generator

    • Is the AI model Luma AI Video Generator uses open source?

      It is not open source.

    • Does the luma ai video Generator provide a Luma AI Video Generator API?

      Not yet, but I believe there will be soon